Slack integration

Merge Freeze offers a Slack app so that your team can easily implement a merge freeze right from Slack and get notified when someone implements a merge freeze.

The Slack app can be added to a protected branch under the “Slack integration” panel of a protected branch. Many protected branches can be linked to one Slack app installation.

How to link your protected branch with Slack

To install the Slack app you will need to have the correct permissions to install apps to your Slack workspace.

Simply click the “Add to Slack” button in the “Slack integration” panel of your protected branch. This will take you to Slack to grant the permissions required for the Merge Freeze Slack app to be installed in your workspace.

Once the Merge Freeze Slack app has been installed to your workspace you will be taken back to Merge Freeze and prompted to choose a channel where Merge Freeze notifications will be sent. Currently only manual merge freezes/unfreezes send notifications to Slack.

You can change the channel that these notifications go to at any time by clicking “Change channel” in the Slack integration panel of your protected branch. You can also completely disconnect the Slack app from your protected branch by clicking “Unlink”.

Using the Slack /mergefreeze command to implement a merge freeze/unfreeze

Once the Slack app is connected to a protected branch you can type the /mergefreeze command from anywhere in your Slack workspace and you will be shown all the protected branches associated with this Slack workspace with the option to freeze or unfreeze each one.

Slack users are not associated with Github users so the first time a Slack user types the /mergefreeze command they will be asked to accept the Merge Freeze privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Once a user has implemented a merge freeze/unfreeze from Slack the channel that they are in will receive a notification that the merge freeze/unfreeze has taken place by that user.

Receiving merge freeze notifications in Slack

When you install the Slack app on a protected branch you will also receive a Slack notification every time a team member manually freezes or unfreezes the branch. We do not currently send any notification when a recurring freeze/unfreeze occurs. As explained above, you can decide which Slack channel receives these notifications for your protected branch.